Unit 382 Terms & Conditions

Unit 382 Web policy

• Unit 382 includes both pack and troop 382.
• Unit 382 will manage all web content published by both Troop and Pack 382 and on the unit site Scouting382.com.
• Unit 382 and its administrative users are not required to disclose the reasoning for unpublishing or not publishing content.

Web content policy:

Content published publicly shall not contain any information which is deemed private without consent from all members involved. Content published Privately may contain the outlined information found in the private Information section.

Content that fails to meet Unit standards:

  1. Any content that fails to adhere to the content policy.

  2. Any content that a member feels does not both adhere to the above policy or is inappropriate shall be submitted to the Web master along with the details as to what infraction occurred for review.

Web content review policy:

Content published that becomes under review for either reasons listed above will be reviewed.
Content must be reviewed and handled in no more than 1 hour. If the content cannot be review promptly it is to be removed with in the above time frame until the content has been reviewed and approved.

Web content reviewers:

Unit 382 has multiple Administrative users that will review, approve, deny, or request changes before publication. If a discrepancy is produced the Unit webmaster will make a final decision as to handle the content in question.

Web content information:

The following governs information found in content created by unit 382 and Located on Unit 382’s website (scouting382.com). The following list may be added to or changed by the webmaster as needed however all members must be informed when a policy change is made. Notification of changes will be posted to the home page viewable after logging in.

 Information Type Public  Private  Not Allowed
 Public event info  YES  YES  ALLOWED
 Non-Public event info  NO  YES  ALLOWED
 Member’s address  NO  YES  ALLOWED
 Member’s Phone Number  NO  YES  ALLOWED
 Member’s Email Address  NO  YES  ALLOWED
 Member’s Name  NO  YES  ALLOWED
 Member’s social media  NO  NO  NOT ALLOWED
Graphics involving any member of Unit 382  NO  YES  ALLOWED
Content created by a member  YES  YES  ALLOWED



Unit Payment Policy:

Unit 382, in an attempt to modernize how funding is received will now utilize new ways to make payments that include the following:

  • Cash (offline)

  • Check (offline)

  • Chip ( Credit Card) (offline)

  • Swipe (Credit Card) (offline)

  • Tap (Android pay, Apple pay) (offline)

  • online payments (Scouting 382.com)

Unit 382 Refund policy:

Unit 382 allows refunds to be made in the following ways

  • by placing it in a members account

Unit 382 has three options for handling refund requests.

  1. Full Refund (a refund for the exact amount paid)

  2. Partial Refund (a refund for part of the original amount paid)

  3. No Refund (an instance in which the full amount is forfeited)

Unit 382 will decide the appropriate form of refund based off its circumstances.



Unit Event policy:

Unit 382 now utilizes a online event registration to manage all events.

Registrations have multiple statuses.

  • Pending – The status set to registrations that have not yet been fully paid for.

  • Paid – The status set to registrations fully paid for.

  • Canceled – The status set to registrations that have been canceled ( by the registered user or Unit 382 admins).

  • Waiting List – The status set to registration when the event capacity has been met.

Events now have a set cut-off date that does not allow for registration after that date.
Any registrations that are canceled are subject to the Unit’s refund policy.
Any registrations that are not in the Paid status are canceled on the cut-off data and become subject to the Unit’s refund policy.


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