Troop 382's survival campout was a blast!

September 28th-30th 2018

In case you missed the fun here is some insight into the fun that was had by all.



Troop 382 had 12 scouts in attendance that were broken up into groups of 2. On Friday night as the sun disappeared the scouts headed off into the dark woods with nothing but the gear they came with. Compass in hand the scouts followed a compass heading to find a marker indicating that their care package was near.  Each package contained a tarp, a hand axe, drinking water, and two matches. Scouts used their scout skills to build shelters to sleep in that night. As the sun came up some scouts were up searching for fire wood. Scouts received their second compass heading to the next care package containing a few more supplies. Scouts began building fires to cook their breakfast on, and eventually enjoyed a hot meal. Once again scouts received a compass heading to their next care packages. Once finding their first point they received another that took them to a challenge. The scouts had to create a device to carry a heavy load of wood simulating a persons body weight back to camp. With their final task completed the scouts headed down to the activity field and played kickball and football before returning to camp for tacos. 


Most scouts will agree that the weekend was a lot of fun, and that they need to brush up on some of their scout skills such as fire building, cooking, camp crafts, knot tying, and first aid. All the scouts did well and the leaders shared some laughs at the crafty ideas the scouts came up with. Fun was had by all and it was overall a great campout! Check out below for some images of the scouts creations.

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